We offer the following event options:

Closed events:

Without actios:

  • 120 minutes – without catering
  • 135 minutes – combined with aperitif
  • 150 minutes – combined with lunch/dinner

With actors:

  • 150 minutes – without catering / combined with aperitif         
  • 180 minutes – combined with lunch / dinner (3 course menu)
  • 210 minutes – with aperitif and 3 course menu
  • 240 minutes – with aperitif and 4/5 course menu

Opened events:

An open event consists of an aperitif and a dinner. Depending on the location it can be either in a buffet format (both main course and dessert), or a classic plate service.

Based on our experience, our game is complex and requires a team of at least 4 people. We recommend either bringing a couple more friends with you or letting us assign you to another couple or a small group. This way, everyone has an equal chance to enjoy the game and solve the case.

Yes, absolutely! We can offer a closed event just for you and your team, allowing to exclusively solve the case for your group of between 8 and 200 participants.


We set up an interactive crime scene at the location of your choice, bring the game materials, and, depending on your preference, our actors or a skilled moderator.

Yes, absolutely!

We can bring Unseen Future to your office, your favourite restaurant, or any other location of your choice. We will set everything up, run an event and then disassemble the crime scene and take everything back with us.


All we need is:

  • 3 x 3 meters for the crime scene at the corner of the room (at best some more space on the length side for the participants to have more space to access the crime scene)
  • Tables and chairs . Each team (up to 6 participants) should seat at best at a separate table. In case it is impossible to organise it this way, it can also work if seating two groups at the same large table.
  • An access to the technical room to store props and materials, as well as to get changed and ready for your event. This should not necessarily be an exclusive room for our personnel. It can also be a technical room shared with personnel of the venue.
  • Sufficient number of participants to solve this extraordinary case.

After the confirmation of your event we will gladly get get in touch with a representative of the venue and will discuss all the organisational, logistical and administrative questions in order to make this special event just perfect.


All what is left for you to do is seat back and enjoy our professional service and this unforgettable experience.

Absolutely! We have a couple of restaurants and conference facilities that we work together with that we can recommend to you.

We can also help you to find a restaurant/conference room/another suitable venue for your event based on your preferences.

If you are sure that you would like to experience “Unseen Future” but do not have a location yet, we recommend you to book an event itself to ensure availability and find a perfect location during the preparation for the event.


Our team is very creative, and we love to entertain and surprise others.

We can personalize everything: from small details to developing a new show specifically for you. Your wishes are just a matter of time and creativity.

We can include an extra scene as a pre-play or post-play, organise presents to each participant of the event, include personal informations, prepare all game materials at a different language and even include one of the participants into the storyline. 

Please note that any kind of personalisation requires preparation time.

You won’t go hungry with us!

If we are responsible for the food options, please let us know in advance, will anybody of your group appear to be vegan and we will communicate and confirm it with the venue in advancel

In case you are participating in an open event, do not worry about the food options either! Our partner chefs will ensure that there are plenty of delights for everyone. They offer vegan, vegetarian, and meat-based menus.

Let us know before your event what we can serve you and your team and let us take care of the rest.